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What is the Upwork website:

The Upwork website is one of the most important destinations for freelancers, where you, as a freelancer, can search for work online through Upwork as the most important freelance sites that provide a link between independent job seekers "freelancer" and the service applicant, who is the client"clients", and provides both parties with ways of trust, seriousness, and ensuring rights.

 Upwork is one of the world famous platforms for online work, it was established in 2005, it was called "oDesk" and in 2015 achieved an important step and tangible progress when O disk merged with the site "Elance" to bring this merger to fruition from the giant Upwork.

Upwork explanation

You can find services for multiple skills up to 3000 skills! Yes, it is the most famous job sites that include the required skills around the world, such as the fiverr site or the fives site.

The site represents a golden opportunity to profit online, and a good platform for job opportunities for women from home, as Upwork represents a database of millions of corporate and individual customers, where it provided thousands of jobs and works, so that Upwork users earn almost a billion dollars a year! Do you want to be one of the Upwork business family In the next lines we will provide an explanation about the method of registering an account and an explanation of how to work and make money from it as a freelancer.

Registration on the Upwork website

In order to work through Upwork, you must register and create an account so that you can communicate with people seeking freelance services or clients, and you can register on the Upwork platform through the following steps:

Steps to create an account on UpWork:

log in to the Upwork registration page

Type your name and email, then click on the Get Started icon.

The site displays an interface in which you type the password.

Click on the freelancer option "Works as a freelancer".

The upwork website will send your account activation link via registered email, click on it.

Congratulations, you already have an account through the largest free work sites up work site.

Now you need to create your profile, as follows:

Create your profile on your app

After activation, the platform will direct you to register some information about the business that you are good at as a freelancer.

Choose one of the freelancing skills such as designing, creating websites, managing Facebook pages, blogging.

You can then choose more than 4 job opportunities for that skill that you have experience with well and you can profit from providing "services" services with it.

The site will ask you to specify your level of experience by skill.

Your personal data page will open, upload a personal photo.

Choose for yourself a professional job title.

For example, if you are one of the designers, write page design, or a logo designer, it means choose a specialty with which you target a specific skill job market.

Write a profile.

Mention your skill, explain your strengths and experience with it.

The freelancer needs to write more about what projects and works he has done professionally.

Write down your degree.

List previous jobs.

Select the English language level.

Write down the hourly wage of your work with your skill (you can compare the wages on the platform and write a low wage for a start until you get clients, and after getting their evaluation you can adjust the wage and raise it).

Record the phone number.

Write the address.

Click the Review Application icon.

The last step is to click on Submit Application.

Wait for Upwork to respond to you within a day until it is accepted.

Working on the Upwork website

There are several ways to get a freelancer and work at a job as follows:

The first way: one of the clients displays the details of a job and advertises it, then the freelancer's turn comes and he makes an offer to do the job from the price and time of the task and here you must submit a professional proposal.

Based on the client's assessment, he communicates with whoever he deems appropriate.

The second way: the client is looking for a specialist to do his job in the Upwork search box, so the site shows him the most freelancers with the skill that the job owner is looking for, and he reviews the skills and experiences of each of them and communicates with those he deems appropriate.

How to work on Upwork

Upwork allows you to perform some jobs or businesses for a number of business owners from the marketplace community on the Upwork website, which is the main goal of the Upwork website, but it is important to know that it does not mean that you have created an account on the upwork website, you have got a job, but you need some time and it requires some steps such as:

Search for many low-paying jobs, through the search filter, where most freelancers want the best price and so you will get a job.

Search the job offers for beginners on Upwork, as the site provides freelancing opportunities for beginners, where some clients search on Freelancer without high experience so that the cost of work is simple, and you can reach them by searching by the phrase "Newbie".

Getting a job from recruiting novice clients, as upwork offers many new clients daily and it is possible to be the first freelancer for their options by searching with the no Hires filter.

Order work that does not require experience, and it is considered one of the available tasks where you offer each new freelancer a job from home that you can work with and start earning, by typing the word Entry Level in the search filter option, which is a feature of working via the platform.

What are the services of the Upwork website

The Upwork website offers a variety of services in the field of self-employment, in addition, it includes thousands of freelancers to sell mini-services in these areas, namely:

Upwork Services:

Development and Information Technology Development & IT

Design & Creative Design & Creative

Sales & Marketing Sales & Marketing

Writing and translation Writing & Translation

Financial Accounting Finance & Accounting

Engineering & Architecture Engineering & Architecture

Admin & Customer Support Admin & Customer Support

Legal law

This is considered the most important mini-services on the appwork website, and if you don't have one of these skills, then you should start with the easiest of them and learn to write articles in a professional way.


Analyze competitors ' sites and make the strongest comparisons between them.

Analyze keywords and find out the degree of difficulty of the competition, the search percentage and the price per click.

Choose the most important and strongest keywords for all fields.

Follow the trends and get the most powerful questions.

Write strong content that complies with the rules of SEO.

You can learn more about the genrank tool and how to use it by following the article "explaining the genrank tool".

How to profit from the Upwork website and withdraw profits:

Today you can profit from the largest freelance place community and get freelance work from anywhere in the world, and then get a special profit through the Upwork online platform, where you can learn various skills and provide the services that business owners are looking for.

You can work in marketing or translation, writing articles, as well as design, law, and many other jobs that you can work in and make profits.

How to withdraw money from Upwork

Wise bank: you can withdraw your winnings from Upwork to Wise without fees and then transfer them to any private bank in your country.

PayPal: the most popular methods of withdrawing funds, but the appwork website deducts a transfer Commission. 


How to do automatic payment on Upwork:

You can activate profit and automatic payment on the famous Upwork platform by:

Complete your tax file on the upwork website and then log in from here.

Click on the Add button "Edit".

Register the name and press Save.

Enter the Payment Details section and click the Set Up icon.

In front of you is the page of available payment methods, choose what suits you best.

Choose the withdrawal options either automatic payment or a certain duration.

Click Next.

Thus, you have learned about determining the payment method and how to receive your winnings.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Upwork site

Upwork is a global platform with a lot of free lancers and here are the most important features of Upwork:

Easy registration on the site for free.

Ease of use even on the phone.

You can set the appropriate price for the service without any restrictions.

The possibility of communicating with the client via Skype.

The availability of a lot of different job opportunities.

There are a lot of features that you can learn about when using the site.

Like any platform, there must be some flaws in it, here are some disadvantages of the Upwork platform:

You must have a sufficient command of the English language.

Site services are prohibited in some countries.

The difficulty of the competition is due to the large number of freelancers on the platform and the strength of their experience.

You can learn more about the most important sites for profit from honest internet.

What is the Upwork platform

Upwork is considered one of the best freelance recruitment sites online, it brings together freelancer and clients such as Pfeiffer fiverr and Kafeel, and provides specific means of communication and a safe way to get money from the most famous means such as PayPal in exchange for your freelance work via the best online job platforms.

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