How to Earn Money from Blogger?

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 How To Earn money with blogger blog  Easily 2023

Do you want to learn about making money from Blogger?  Follow with us the article about making money from a Blogger blog, while meeting the conditions for acceptance in Google AdSense, in addition to the best ways to make money from Blogger blogs.

 Profit from Blogger

 Keep in mind that making a profit from Blogger or blogger is not limited to making money only. There are many conditions for making a profit from Blogger.

 You must write articles that benefit visitors, provide them with explanations and solutions to problems they face, answer their inquiries, and provide them with a unique experience that makes them return to the blog.

 To be able to profit from Blogger or Blogger, think about how to create content that will generate profits for you in the future. Certainly there are types of articles that are more effective in making money.

 Here are the best types of articles that you should write and add to your blog:

 1. Product reviews
 2.Comparisons between products
 3. Lists (I prefer such and such..)
 4. In-depth and comprehensive explanations
 5. Learn how to profit from Blogger and make money from Blogger
 6. There are many, many ways to profit from Blogger and 
7. Blogging in it. They differ depending on your content and how you approach writing. Follow with me to find out which one is best.

 How to make money from Blogger

 There are many blogger blogs that generate huge profits for the bloggers who work on them, so much so that a number of bloggers are participating in writing on one blog, to enhance their efforts and increase their profits.

 There are many ways to make money from a Blogger blog. Let me explain to you the best ones, and how to choose the method that suits you.

 Profit from displaying ads on Blogger blogs
 The majority of bloggers rely on displaying advertisements to profit from Blogger, which is the main source of blog income.

 Many people believe that the only way is to subscribe to AdSense ads. There are several different ways to profit from Blogger by displaying ads on Google AdSense and without AdSense. We will start with the most important of them.

 Display Google ads on the blog
 Profiting from Blogger through AdSense ads is one of the most popular and effective ways, through which you can achieve a respectable and continuous profit.

 Google AdSense is an advertising program affiliated with Google that allows owners of blogger blogs and websites to earn money by displaying targeted ads on their sites.

 You just need a Blogger blog, writing useful articles, and a good number of visitors, in my opinion, which should not be less than 20 thousand visitors per month, to start seeing results and making money.

 The most important thing is to make sure not to publish content that violates the policies of the Google AdSense program, which is a condition for making a profit from it. See more.

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Selling advertising space (banner)
 Depending on the niche you will be working on, and if you have a good number of daily and monthly visitors, you can rent advertising space on a blogger blog.

 For a specific time for a specific amount, of course the price you set depends on the quality of visits you have, and from which countries you come, and the number is also important.

 You need your Blogger blog to have a good reputation and have a reputation among bloggers, and also do not forget about Domain Authority.

 You can display the spaces you want to rent for advertising on microservices sites.  Or on specialized Facebook groups.

 There are also other methods, such as advertising partner programs for AdSense, but I will not explain them because I do not recommend them, for a clear reason, which is the lack of profits and the quality of the advertisement for the visitor, and for me there is nothing better than the AdSense program for making money from Blogger.

 Affiliate Marketing

 Affiliate marketing is considered one of my favorite ways to profit from Blogger, after profiting from Google AdSense.

 Did you know that some bloggers have created a special Blogger blog for the purpose of affiliate profit only, because it sometimes generates profit that cannot be made with advertising programs.

 I will explain to you how things work. Affiliate marketing is the promotion of products on the Internet.

 You can earn a certain amount of money every time someone buys any product, by recommending the product and passing through your affiliate link.

 Products may be digital, such as e-books, software activations, subscriptions to websites and tools.  And physical products such as products that need to be shipped to the customer.

 You need to write articles on your Blogger blog related to the product that you will be marketing, as this is the way in which you will attract visitors, make them buy the product, and make a profit in return for that.

 For example, you can write an article on a blogger blog, explaining the features of a particular hosting and how to work on it, and get price discounts for every person who buys using the discount code (coupon), and profit in return.

 Selling products (digital and physical):

 In addition to profiting from Blogger through affiliate, there are other ways to diversify sources of profit on Blogger blogs and make money. Selling special products on your blog online, whether digital or physical, is very profitable.

 For example, if you are proficient in the field of design, and you are good at programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop, you can achieve very large profits from selling various designs. You can profit by creating a Blogger blog to display your work and models of designs.

 Design is not limited to images, there are PowerPoint templates, Excel, Word, and other digital products.

 On the other hand, if you are passionate about something, have talent, and make material products, you can profit from Blogger by creating a blog, displaying the products you offer, and informing visitors of the quality and specifications of your products.

  The value of a blog also depends on several factors, including:

 Domain age
 The niche
 The monthly profit generated by the blog
 Number and quality of backlinks
 Content, template and design
 Number of articles and monthly visitors to the blog
 The more features, the more money you'll pay for it, that much is clear.

Best Steps to profit from Blogger blogs

 Before delving into the effective ways to profit from Blogger, let us learn about some of the steps that you must take:

 Create a Blogger blog and adjust the settings
 Add unique and useful content for visitors
 Bringing traffic to your Blogger blog from search engines
 Promote blog articles on social media sites
 Profit from blogger by selling ads and other methods
 If we know that we must create a distinctive Blogger blog and achieve certain conditions to profit from it, what are these conditions?

 What are the conditions for profit from Blogger?###

 How to achieve profit conditions from Blogger after the new update, and have your blog accepted in Google AdSense using a few steps you take.

 Create a professional Blogger blog and adjust its settings
 Installing a professional template, customizing it, and creating sections
 Preparing the blog for profit and search engine optimization
 Blogging and specializing in Niche is profitable, with a good price per click
  Write at least 30 exclusive articles compatible with SEO (the higher the number, the better)
 The number of words must not be less than 700 words
 Avoid copying and paraphrasing from other sites
 Avoid using copyrighted images (design your own)
 Obtaining a sufficient number of visits per month to ensure a good income
 They are the closest thing to advice and are not conditions, so to speak. You must work with them and take them into consideration, and do not forget the most important thing, which is getting a sufficient number of visits, which is better for you to be able to make money or profit from the blog through Google AdSense or anything else.

 Summary of profit from Blogger

 I hope you have benefited from the explanation of how to make money from Blogger. There are also many, many ways to make money from Blogger other than the ones we mentioned that you can benefit from.

 But we have discussed the most famous and common ones, and the ones that generate the best profits for bloggers.

 What do you think about what we explained?  Do you know other ways to make money from Blogger?  How much can a Blogger blog earn?  Write to us in the comments.

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