What is Short Link And How to Get Real Visitors to Profit from Shortened Links?

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Definition of link abbreviation:

There are individuals working in this field who have achieved and continue to achieve significant profits, in addition, this work is considered one of the easy things that work on material gain, but provided that it is done correctly.

Link shortening is one of the free services provided by link shortening sites, and its idea is based on shortening long and large links whose shape is random, and converting it into a link of a few letters and a small length, so that it is easy to share it on communication sites, in return, the company works to display ads on your link and gives you a percentage of the number of people visiting this link from clicks on ads.

Link shortcut tool:

It is a tool that converts long links into short links and is much shorter than it was, and this tool reduces the characters in the URL, so the mechanism for converting it is to take the link and replace it with random characters, and host it in a domain with a smaller name like Q0.

The purpose of the link shortening tool is that it allows you to reduce the length of the post if you want to publish it on social networking sites, and therefore it is easy to save the link as well, in addition to being used daily in marketing by people around the world, the link shortening method can be used from Google and from other free sites.

Different ideas and ways to profit from shortening links
The profit from shortening links is a topic that has aroused the interest of many people and is very important, so the mechanism of work in it is through the internet, in addition to many companies that pay money to people for shortening certain or specific links, and a person can benefit from those links, and it is not the mechanism that these links are provided by the company to:

Posting these links on social networking sites
Links can be published, especially the Facebook communication site, because a person can get thousands of clicks, and this is done through either a personal page where you have many likes and interactions, so you can ensure clicking on the links you post, and thus achieve good financial gains.

Or you can publish in other groups that also achieve interaction and be famous, or there is a third way to have your own group and publish these links, but always strive to publish interactive ideas to ensure that visitors stay in it, in addition to the variety of content that you post on your group.

Posting shortened links to forums:

You can register in Arab or foreign forums provided that the visitors to these forums are many and there is a great interaction, and you have to specialize in a specific field to ensure a high percentage of pressure on your link, for example, if your links talk about games or technologies, you must publish these links in forums specializing in technologies and games, but if the content of your link is far from the content of the forum where you post, you will not gain any interactions and views.

Publish shortened links in your blog:

This is done by creating a blog for you of your own, and publish articles with it so that visitors search for them, or publish books or anything possible that will attract the attention of visitors, and after ensuring interaction on your blog you can put your own short links.

Post shortened links with comments:

You can post your own links in the comments of blogs and sites, but here you should be aware that placing the link alone in the comments may be rejected by the owners of the site or blog and is considered spam comments, so you should write a paragraph in the comment and then attach this paragraph to your short link.

Using advertising sites for publishing:

Since you can post your short links on advertising sites, this is done by creating an ad, or talking about a specific article and then you put your short link that talks about the same article or thing advertised, so that the visitor is directed to what he is looking for.

Share movie link:

This is because many people are interested in watching movies and series, and they are always looking for new movies, so if you publish the new movie links shortcut, it will make you gain a lot of attention and clicks, and you can also publish these links on movie and series websites .

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